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Think Twice by Lisa Scottoline

It is past 2:00 AM and I finished yet another book, bringing about the realization that as my obsession for reading increases my sleep hours plummet. It is as if these two factors are directly proportional, not that I am complaining (not at all)….specially if you have a sister like I do :). My sister has this unique habit where she could open any book and doze off within the first 30 minutes. During our childhood days I remember staying wide awake with a novel so I can wake her up while she was supposed to be slogging for her exams. Our family teases her till date about how easy it is to put her to sleep. Anyways, getting back to book-talk. As promised here is my review of “Think Twice by Lisa Scottoline”.


Bennie Rosato meets her identical twin Alice Connelly for dinner and finds herself buried alive. As Bennie struggles to stay alive, Alice conveniently impersonates Bennie with a plan to take over her life, job, friends, boyfriend and most importantly her finances. As Alice is getting prepared to start a new rich life far-away, Bennie returns to take her revenge and get back all that is rightfully hers. What follows is a classic sisterly battle with the rest of the characters quickly switching sides.
Lisa Scottoline’s character portrayals in the book is strong with a touch of reality, allowing the reader to have a love-hate relationship with them, this can however only be said for the lead characters. The story did not do it for me as it gave me a Deja-vu feeling (Guess we have way too many good twin – evil twins out there). The short chapters and the numerous circumstances thrown to the characters do keep you going. That said, it was a good introduction to the author and I would not Think Twice before I picked another book by her. A 3/5 for the light read.

Btw, do you have a funny family story involving books that you would like to share? I have to mention my sister still sleeps when she attempts to read. Old habits die-hard 🙂


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  1. I know what you mean about the reading! I was thinking about this myself and I’m amazed at how many books I’ve read lately. And they just seem to keep coming. Thanks for stopping by and entering the giveaway for The Swimming Pool–a very cool book. I really appreciate your support about my own writing. That was so thoughtful of you. It’s a real encouragement. I just want to write awesome stories that people will fall into and enjoy…here’s to hope!

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