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1st to Die by James Patterson

The last week I read “1st to Die by James Patterson” and “Think Twice by Lisa Scottoline” (will post the review shortly). For the next week I was hoping to get to the following books.
Imaginary Men – Anjali Banerjee
There is no place like here – Cecelia Ahern.
2nd Chance – James Patterson

Here is my review on the “1st to Die”. The first book from the Women’s Murder Club Series is a quick read with an interesting plot. Lindsay, a police inspector with the San Francisco Police Department starts the investigation of the murder of a newly married bride and groom while battling a serious health condition. As the investigation proceeds, it becomes clear that the series of murders of newly married couples is not just one of a kind incident. The sadistic and derogatory manner in which the murders are committed initiates the Women’s murder club enabling them to handle the case off-record. Lindsay with her best friend and medical examiner Claire, crime reporter and new friend Cindy and the district attorney Jill get into action from there on.

The story has many twists and turns and I was almost sure I knew (more than once) who committed the murders only to be proven wrong. For me however, the chemistry between the main characters was weak and it did not have the happy ending that one would like to see. A 4/5 is apt.

For all of you, Yvonne from Socrates Books reviews is hosting a giveaway for the 9th Judgement. If you are a James Patterson fan and would like to own a copy, do connect with Yvonne at


Leave a comment and let me know the James Patterson book you loved .. I would like to hear from you so I can add it to on to my TBR.


5 Responses

  1. I have read the entire series on The Women’s Murder Club except the 9th Judgement have not bought it yet to read…. There is no one favorite for me but like any of the books about Alex Cross and the stand alones are not bad either….


  2. I am barely scrapping through with the stand alones but thanks for the note on the Alex Cross series. Maybe its time I picked them up!

  3. I just saw your message on my review of this book. I agree with your thoughts on the relationship between the Lindsay and her partner. I didn’t even think it was necessary for the story; it could have been totally left out.

  4. ha its was a great book.

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