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Swimsuit by James Patterson

I have had a fruitful week so far, meeting friends, running errands, completing tones of paper work that has been begging to be attended too, spending way more hours in the library and of-course networking with friends who would not believe that I am still alive. And yes, the highlight of the week would be that I won “Latin Jazz” as part of Trisha’s (eclectic eccentric) birthday giveaway – Yaeeee!!!!! I have not started off with the book as yet but if you can’t wait for a review you should check out her blog. I have also been blog hopping a lot and I literally mean A LOT – Thank GOD for RSS feeds and subscriptions…..What would we have done without them??

And eventually … to what I read so far this week – Swimsuit by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. I am a huge James Patterson fan (well, who isn’t?) and I literally jumped with joy when I stumbled upon the James Patterson Reading Challenge held by Socrates’ Book Reviews. This is my second book for the purpose of the challenge.

Kim McDaniels, a super model is in Hawaii for a photo shoot and is living the perfect life. The story starts with Kim being trapped in the trunk of a car, abducted, raped and murdered brutally by a psychopathic killer Henri Benoit who takes great pride is setting the stage for killing each of his victims. An anonymous phone call to Kim’s parents opens the investigation and the search for her begins. Ben Hawkins, a cop turned news reporter is assigned the story and goes out of his way to help the McDaniels find their daughter. No one involved in the search or the investigation including Ben know what or who they are dealing with and a series of grossly murders follow.

Henri is a master of disguise, who video tapes his doings and then disemminates the well directed video to a group of key clientele called the “Peepers”. Ben unfortunately attracts the attention of Henri, who takes a turn for the worst and threatens him to write Henri’s life story. What follows is a cat and mouse game between the good and the evil when Ben decides to take charge and Henri is on a revengeful spree killing the key people who are the “Peepers”.

Swimsuit does not disappoint and is a definite page turner. I managed to read it in 2 sittings (only because I had to take a break and run a few errands) – with the large print, the short chapters and the nail-biting story line it could have easily been finished in a single sitting. I did feel that there were a few loose ends that should have been strung together and was almost sad to put the book down.
The book definitely had the “James Patterson feel”. The characters were strong in a realistic manner and Henri, in particular is in your face – a living nightmare. Reading the book was like watching a horror movie and wondering if there could be such people out there.

Well, atleast we know “Good always wins”. A liberal 4/5

BTW, I am curious to read and follow some of the really good blogs out there, so if you are a book blogger or know someone you think should be followed, do leave a comment with the blog URL .. I would love to add it on to my RSS feeds! C U THERE!


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  1. Hi there–thanks for signing up to follow my blog! I saw your request for blog suggestions and wanted to share a few of my favorites:


    These are just a few of my faves. Take care and have a good night!

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