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Honeymoon by James Patterson

I am making good progress 🙂 with my reading these days..
James Patterson is definitely my kind of author. I have not read one by him for a while now and I must thank Yvonne from Socrates Books Reviews for getting me started again. Technically this is not exactly James Patterson’s book as it was co-authored with Howard Roughan, but nevertheless no charm has been lost.

I read the book in one sitting late past midnight.. A definite page turner!!!! Trust me, no one can put down a book that has suspense and excitement written all over.

“The fact was, Nora loved being with Connor and Jeffrey equally. Which made her decision that much harder.
Which one was she going to kill?

Nora, is a successful interior decorator – beautiful, rich and obviously has a shady past. She is engaged to Connor Brown, a rich hedge-fund manager and is also married to Jeffrey Walker, an international best-selling author. Her Man-management (as she calls it) is seamless and is attained (as situation demands) by replacing the highly exorbitant rings bestowed upon her by these men. Her first husband dies of a cardiac arrest and huge funds are moved across accounts which would also be the modus-operandi of the death of all the future men in her life.

While she thinks she has committed the perfect murder, O’Hara the FBI agent does not think so when Connor is found dead. Craig Reynolds is the insurance agent who keeps Nora informed of the proceedings of the Insurance company’s investigation. Just like every man he finds her “hard-to-resist” and strangely so does Nora. The author has also briefly touched upon her past with the introduction and story of her mother Olivia. Elizabeth Brown, Connor’s sister has a small yet vital role in the book and cannot be ignored.

What follows is a story that is breath-taking. If you think you know what is going to come next, you are poorly mistaken. The addition of the “Tourist” character and the sub-plot adds its own direction to the book by neatly tying it to the main-plot at its own pace. The book is mind-blowing and is James Patterson exceeding himself.

Do let me know about the James Patterson book that you think I should not miss or if there is one that want me to review before you get to it.

It is only apt to end this review with the beginning line of the book – “THINGS AREN’T ALWAYS as they appear”
I must add .. sometimes they are better! A 4 / 5 is deserving.


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