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Read-a-Thon : Feed Me Seymour

I have been so engrossed in my reading this morning that I dint realize it is over 5 hours already till my stomach refused to co-operate anymore. Before I take a quick break I decided to post my update.
Shucks! My camera isn’t working and my cellphone takes such pathetic pictures … I wish I could participate in “Bart’s, Book, Title, Sentence Challenge”

BTW, the cheerleaders are doing a terrific job …

Title of book(s) read since last update:
– The girl who played with fire – Stieg Larsson
– Plum Lovin’ – Janet Evanovich

Number of books read since you started:
I am just going to start with “The prisoner of Vandam Street” by Kinky Friedman but decided to stop by to check the challenges and grab some lunch.

Pages read since last update:
This is my first update so this would be my running total as well.
I guess it was 400 odd pages in the first book and precisely 164 in the second. So a total of 564 and something.

Running total of pages read since you started:
I am going to ignore this running total for this update

Amount of time spent reading since last update:
5 hours and 1 minute. I am taking a break after this update to get some lunch.

Running total of time spent reading since you started: (keep track of this one to be eligible for a prize!)
Wow!!! 5 hours and 1 minute…..

Mini-challenges completed:
Just the first one – Intro Meme : https://readingbetweenpages.wordpress.com/2010/04/10/read-a-thon-begins/

Other participants you’ve visited:
I have actually visited some more but did not keep track of them. Maybe for the next update I will.

Prize you’ve won:
None yet, but I am enjoying this Read-a-Thon so much that I am just glad I am even participating.

Here is my entry for “Nicole’s Feed Me Seymour Challenge” from the book “Honeymoon” by James Patterson and Howard Roughan.

“With a look in the Sub-Zero she found half a Vidalia onion, a whole green pepper and some Virginia ham, a quarter-inch thick. That was settled, She’d make a western omelet”
“The eggs were cracked open and whipped, the green pepper diced. Nora was making small cubes of the ham”


4 Responses

  1. Great job! Hope you enjoyed The Girl Who Played With Fire!

  2. Wow, you are doing awesome! Keep it up!

    • Thanks Kailana. This is my first one and I really am excited. It is 1:00 AM but I cant seem to log off 🙂 Hope you are having fun as well

  3. Hi Gavin
    Thank you. I loved the book and I will hopefully get to writing my review real soon.

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