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True Blue by David Baldacci

Commuting 3 hours one way to reach my work place in the last couple of months meant that I spent way more time in the Union Station anticipating trains, evacuating buildings for false fire alarms, chatting with co-passengers only to realize that there is a whole new world out there and browsing every little book store that possibly exists. If you have been there you would know that “True Blue” by David Baldacci cannot be ignored. It obviously also dint help that a complete stranger couldn’t stop raving about the book through out the time we waited for Amtrak 85.

Mace Perry, an ex-cop and sister of Beth Perry the Chief of Police is spending her last few days in jail. Locked up for the past 2 years for armed robbery and drug use, Mace knows she has been framed. She is determined to prove her innocence and to get back her much desired badge. It definitely helps that her sister believes in her innocence and is as determined to get the truth out.

Once in the comforts of her sister’s home, Mace accompanies Beth to the latest crime scene – a law firm. The lawyer, Roy Kingman comes to work in the morning and opens the refrigerator only to find a dead associate Diane Tolliver stuffed in it. Roy and Diane have worked a few cases together but he seemed to have very little insight in her personal life. Mace takes it upon herself to help solve this case with the help of Roy. Beth however loathes the idea.

During the course of the investigation, they uncover that a homeless guy is charged with the rape and murder of Diane. It doesn’t help that he is more interested in twinkies then  the events that lead to his arrest. When the news of the death of a US attorney surfaces the investigation takes a whole new turn involving lump sum amounts of money, a russian assassin and of course more murders.

The characters were strong and the relationship between the sisters interesting. Pieces of the book like the introduction of Allison, Ty and Psycho were well-done and gave a slightly different look. However, the pace of the story is really slow and the plot is shallow. I managed to complete the book as it kept me going but it was a tad disappointing.

I would definitely consider picking a sequel with the same set of characters and location if the story was slightly more compelling. Rated – 3/5


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