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Nightwalker by Heather Graham

It is not that I haven’t been reading. I have, it is just that I laid my hands on a weak book that took me forever to painstakingly carry myself through the 300 page disaster. “Nightwalker” by Heather Graham.

Surprisingly, I did do some research on the author before I picked “Nightwalker” and I liked what I saw …that is… till I started the book. The book was an average (read below average) I have definitely read worser ones but my main problem with the book itself was that, dead people kept re-surfacing out of nowhere and it takes a while to get around the mess of intermingling characters.

Jessy Sparhawk  is having a day of her life is Las Vegas, gambling and even winning. As she just gets ready to leave, a bodyguard huge man falls on her, knocks her down, whispers the word “Indigo” and dies on top of her. The dead man is Tanner Green bodyguard to a well-known casino owner (what else could a well-known man do in Las Vegas for a living) Emil Landon. Dillon Wolf, the private investigator hired by Landon is a Nightwalker with access to the ghost world.

Dillon has this over-powering need to protect Jessy, knowing fully well that he will need her help to get any closer to the investigation. The fact that something about her sparks a flame in him is the cuter subtle romance in the book. It is indeed ironical that Ringo a ghost and Dillon’s friend is a very interesting character and brings a lot of life to the book. Would Dillon and Jessy be able to decipher Tanner’s last word? Does it help that Tanner keeps showing up and vanishing as a ghost?

Something about this book just did not do it for me. The majority of the characters were weak and while the plot was good it was just not well-written. Slow, painstakingly slow. I however would definitely try another Heather Graham, but wouldn’t recommend this even if you are bored to death.


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