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The Silent Hour by Michael Koryta

The Silent Hour

The Silent Hour

It was by chance that I came across this book. I went against all my instincts and grabbed “The Silent Hour” by Michael Koryta from the library shelves. Honestly while I was doing my check-outs, I was still contemplating keeping it back. Thank God for my laziness and the flight of stairs I had to climb – without these I would have never got to read such a wonderful book.

The story starts with Lincoln Perry – a renowned detective who constantly receives letters from a convicted murderer Parker Harrison. Parker has been out of jail for years now and is determined to hire Lincoln. Lincoln on the other hand is even more determined not to help him but finally gives in. 

Harrison starts his request with a passionate description about a house called “Whisper Ridge” and then seeks Lincoln’s help in tracking down the owners. The case initially seems like a child’s play and Lincoln starts out on his expedition the same day. He comes to know that the Cantrell couple vanished one fine morning before rehabilitating quite a few prisoners. They left behind the beautiful multi-million dollar house, now unmaintained with a strange epitaph carved on the door – “Whisper Ridge – Home to Dreams”. Lincoln also discovers in the course of his investigation that Joshua Cantrell is dead and that his body was discovered just a few months ago, probably sparking Parker’s interests on the owners. Lincoln along with Ken tries to unravel the long deserted mystery. Why did the Cantrell’s disappear, Where did they go and Who murdered Joshua – was it one of the rehabilitated prisoners or Alexandra Cantrell’s notorious gangster brother.

The story-line is exciting and well written. The book carves a natural flow between the characters and the incidents. While you will never know what is coming, you will definitey not be surprised or thrown off-guard by the lack of common sense and continuation. For me it was a test on my will-power and yes, I dint stand a chance – The book remained my focus and I just could not put it down. For that reason, it earns a 5 and conveniently falls in the category of “MUST-READ”.

In case you are wondering how much I liked the book, here’s a hint. The next book I am reading is “Sorrow’s Anthem” by Michael Koryta.


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