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ghost, interrupted by Sonia Singh


ghost, interrupted

ghost, interrupted

I was browsing through the books in the library, well not looking for anything specific but just any good read. These are few of the criterias I had in my mind on that particular day – I did not want a fat book, something that had a flashy interesting cover and a strict NO for romances. I roamed around aimlessly for close to 20 minutes till I came back to where I started and happened to see a fresh book out on the stands.. ‘hmmm! Looks like somebody just returned it’. The cover wasnt impressive and I had’nt heard about the author but it was not a romance novel and it definitely was not FAT.

ghost, interrupted by Sonia Singh!

The story revolves around paranormal investigations. Three amateur ghost hunters, Scott Wilder the founder of the paranormal investigative firm “Cold Spot ” teams up with Anjali Kumar, a psychic and Coulter Marshall, a telekinetic. Inspite of Anjali’s cute uncertainity  and Marshall’s charming carelessnesses, the three of them resolve numerous ghostly encounters pretty quickly. The book details these encounters at a very high level but manages to provide a relatively clear picture of the scene given the scanty detailing. The enmity between their rival team headed by Vivica Bates, Scott’s ex-flame heightens when they are called to investigate a military facility adding some more spice to the story. The spooky narration is minimal and is neither believable nor ghostly, so if you are looking for an episode of Ghost Hunters then you are in for some major disappointment. The relationship between the characters takes a pretty good part of the novel and keeps it entertaining.  Anjali’s typical Indian parents and sister are very much a reality of the Indian culture.

In all, the novel is a 3.5 on 5 and is a good read. If you are looking for a nice ghostly book with no scare but pure entertainment this could be the one.

Happy Reading!!


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